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We're just a couple of guys taking your Agility to the next level.
A software company building tools to take your Agility to the next level.

We help Agile companies go from "doing Agile" to Kung-Fu grip-Karate chop-Wax On Wax Off-Agile. It's like Agile on steroids. Wait, no, it's like you ask a self-proclaimed expert what is the purpose of a sprint and they answer with "velocity". We can do better self-proclaimed experts and your journey to improvement starts here. No gym membership required.

In short,   Agile Fu helps Agile software organizations go to the next level. Through fun and original approaches, our practical Agile experience delivers results in value throughput and improves personnel engagement.

Additionally,   Agile Fu is owned by Rebel Prime (Rebel Prime, LLC). In Rebel Prime’s own words; We believe the internet and the workplace can be better. Through fierce dedication to individuals and culture, we deliver unique and user-intuitive products at speeds and styles large organizations cannot compete with. We are giant slayers.

Most information ever,  Agile Fu is an “engineers first” culture and lives according to Seven Value Strategies:
1. Growth Over Greed
2. Coaches Over Chiefs
3. Results Over Rules
4. Conversations Over Conferences
5. Ideas Over Insults
6. Progress Over Paralysis
7. Value Over Velocity


We know Agile Fu

Kevin Winchester

Master Sensei / Co-Founder
Nomadic Monk, excommunicated from my clan for lack of formal book-binding skills. Now I roam the jungle cityscape searching for new knowledge and new souls to teach.

Zach Werden

Master Sensei / Co-Founder
Stealth Mage, lurking in the shadows creating innovative technology so good youll think its magic. Continuously learning new technologies and techniques while helping others to do the same.