Titles Don’t Matter to the White Walkers

Game of Thrones is back for its final season and I couldn’t be more excited. As the battle for the iron throne continues, there’s an even bigger threat to the Seven Kingdoms as the Night King and his army move in. In Episode One of Season Eight, Jon Snow gave us (and Sansa) an important Read more about Titles Don’t Matter to the White Walkers[…]

Every Team Needs a Headquarters

Back in the days, developers were content wearing ties and having small, yet tall, plain Jane cubicles. You were allowed exactly 3 pieces of flare in your workspace and you had to stand up to see any glimpse of civilization outside your cell cube. You were left alone with all the privacy in the world Read more about Every Team Needs a Headquarters[…]

Ford Wants Faster Product Launches

Ford Wants Faster Product Launches, Harrison, not Henry (but Henry has some good thoughts too) (Indiana Jones on Faster Product Launching) We can’t launch that to our customers, they will put us on the cover of the Wall Street Journal when the BLANK fails or stops working Or what about? If the random repetition pattern XXX4 of Read more about Ford Wants Faster Product Launches[…]

Dr. Evil’s Laser-Beam Agile

Dad, a lot has happened with technology since you woke from your cryogenic sleep. Scotty, do not lecture your Dad. I’m hip with the new tech talk and I want to make an announcement to my evil squad. Going forward all software death rays will be built with “the Agile”. You will “do the Agile”, you Read more about Dr. Evil’s Laser-Beam Agile[…]