April 19, 2017


Planning Poker

Our Planning Poker app lets you play online with others whether you’re in the same room or all working remotely. Don’t let anyone on your team get anchored!

One person “hosts” a session and shares their screen. Others join on their own devices and estimate when prompted.

The host clicks “Start New Round” to start a new estimate. Once all estimates are in, the host clicks “Reveal” to show what everyone estimated. Simple, huh?

View of the host
View of a teammate


This is a fun team building game. Players all answer a random question about themselves and the rest of the team gets to guess who answered each question. Great for breaking the ice or getting to know your teammates!

View of the host
View of the host

One person hosts and shares their screen so everyone can see. Each player then joins the game on their own device.

There are two rounds. Each round players will begin by answering an ice-breaker question about themselves. Then players will see the questions and answers and guess who they belong to.

Once all the guesses are in, we’ll see WHO the answers really belong to. If you guessed correct, you get points!

There are two rounds and points are doubled in round two!

Find out how well you know your teammates and get to know them a little more.